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I’m wondering if this tracks the experience of more recent law school graduates

I’m reading Benjamin E. Wise’s biography of William Alexander Percy, about which I have fairly mixed feelings leaning a degree or so to the negative, and I encountered this quote as the epigram for a chapter:

I have enjoyed spells of more intense happiness but never three years of uninterrupted happiness as I did […]

For all professors out there grading law school exams: Prosser on “Lighthouse… no good for fog”

Dave Hoffman at Concurring Opinions has up a wonderful article, “Lighthouse No Good,” by William Prosser, about being a law professor.   Prosser was the dean at UC Berkeley; Prosser on Torts was the great book on that topic of the 20th Century, probably.  A couple of nice quotes from the Lighthouse piece– explaining some […]

Law schools that sell for less? Ole Miss ranks fifth.

The National Jurist (I am unfamiliar with it…) did a ranking of “Best Value Law Schools.”  Ole Miss ranked fifth.  Here’s the method, quoted in a post titled “Dollar Store for Law Schools” on the blog Above The Law:

In determining what makes a law school a “best value,” we first looked at tuition, […]