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“Byron White would answer and say, ‘This is Joe’s Bar.’ “

Nina Totenberg has an interview with retired Justice John Paul Stevens on Morning Edition this morning.  He’s just publishing a book, called Five Chiefs because he has personally known five of the seventeen Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Court, and served under three of them.

He talks about the differences in the […]

Justice Stevens’s death penalty review essay in New York Review of Books

Earlier today, I mentioned that Justice Stevens had written a review-essay about the death penalty that was not yet online.  It is now. H/t to Volkh Conspiracy for the link.

Justice Stevens writes about the death penalty in NY Review, and will be on 60 Minutes tonight

Adam Litpak at the NY Times writes that in the upcoming issue of New York Review of Books, retired Justice Stephens writes about and explains his changed views about the death penalty during his time on the bench.

In 2008, two years before he announced his retirement, Justice Stevens reversed course and in a concurrence said […]