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How Judge Davidson gave Dickie Scruggs fair warning he wasn’t going to win

I noted in my last post about Judge Davidson’s rulings that Judge Davidson’s just released opinion essentially told Dickie Scruggs that he was going to get a hearing but he wasn’t going to win.  My heading here describes that as “fair warning.”

How, you might ask, is it fair if there hasn’t been a […]

How Judge Davidson shot down Dickie Scruggs’s First Amendment argument

I think the upshot of Judge Davidson’s ruling today on Dickie Scruggs’s petition to set aside his guilty plea in Scruggs II is pretty simple:  “Well, you’re going to lose, but I’ll give you a hearing first.”  And that seems a reasonable response.

The opinion is primarily a response to Scruggs’s motion for judgment […]

About that motion to vacate in Scruggs II

Does this mean there will be a hearing in which Ed Peters, Trent Lott, and Bobby DeLaughter all get to tell their stories?