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New Barry Hannah Selected Stories at Square Books

Long, Last, Happy: New and Selected Stories by Barry Hannah is just out and available at Square Books in Oxford.  It has nine of the eleven stories in Airships, an early story, “Trek,” from 1964, and not been previously collected, four new stories from the last ten years, and seventeen more stories selected from Barry’s various […]

New York Times readers respond about those gaffes in the John Grisham review

Recall a couple of weeks ago, the NY Times ran a singularly lazy review of John Grisham’s new book that located him (erroneously) in the Delta, and then threw in Larry Brown, William Faulkner, and others closely associated with elsewhere in the state.  I posted a yelp of protest.  Last Sunday’s New York Times […]

Note to the New York Times: The Delta is not Mississippi, but part of it

A negative and badly written New York Times review of John Grisham’s new book of short stories states that he grew up in the Delta (some of the time in the Arkansas Delta, perhaps, where his father’s roots are, I think, but I thought mostly in Southaven, which is not in the Delta, and […]