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Apple is promising iOS encrypts your data so securely Apple can’t even see it, or give it to law enforcement

This is the best announcement I’ve heard from Apple in a while.  Lily Hay Newman reports on Slate:

In the new mobile operating system, all you have to do is add a passcode (which you should already have anyway!) to opt in to encryption that denies Apple special access to your data. Apple announced […]

View Pacer Documents and Dockets on your iPhone

As anyone who has attempted to use Pacer on their iPhone or other smart-phone browser, it is a royal pain to attempt to do so.  Today, iPhoneJD has a review of a new app designed to make that process work much better.  He likes the app (and has a few suggestions for improvement).  The […]

When a password isn’t a lock: Weird iPhone security problem and PhoneView

PhoneView is a program that allows you to back up, review, and print voice mail, text messages, contacts, media, and essentially everything else on your iPhone.  I bought it ($19.95) after trying a demo and having a positive reaction.  I just tried it out on my iPhone, and again liked what I found.

But […]

Thursday Morning Various

Your iPhone is building a moment-by-moment database of where you are, recording latitude, longitude, altitude, and movement.  When you backup your phone, this file goes into the backup, and when you get a new iPhone and restore from backup, the file goes on.  This Guardian story reports on the database, and this site […]

Pano, iPhone app for taking panorama photograhs

Through a link on iPhoneJD, I saw a list of Lifehacker’s favorite iphone apps.  The list by and large didn’t catch my attention, except one app:  A $2.99 app designed to do panorama photographs.

The app is called Pano, and this morning I got it and decided to check it out, first at […]

Free Legal Research Tool– Fastcase app– for the iPhone

Fastcase is a legal research alternative to Westlaw and Lexis that, on a desktop computer, costs a fraction of those services but lacks features like headnotes and Shepardization.   Some bar associations– Louisiana, for instance– have bought free subscriptions for their entire memberships.

Now they’ve come out with a free iPhone app, apparently hoping it […]

Ratio iPhone app– highly recommended

Yesterday, I bought and started working with a cooking-related app that I’m pretty sure is the best I’ve seen by far.  It’s called Ratio, and what it does is provide the basic ratios for a series of fundamental cooking processes along with a calculator.  You plug in the amount of one ingredient in […]

Sunday Mid-Day Various

There are two interviews published recently with Chips Moman, Memphis record producer associated with American Studios there.  He’s most famous for producing Elvis’s 1969 comeback album (“Suspicious Minds”), and describes it to both the Commercial Appeal and U.S.A. Today, in advance of a Memphis appearance with his American Studios band for interviews during […]

An interesting observation about the economics of pricing…

iPhone JD writes:

At $49.99, Black’s Law Dictionary (my review is here) is one of the most expensive apps that an attorney would buy for his or her iPhone.  Nevertheless, the company tells a reporter for the ABA Journal that West has sold several hundred copies of the app so far.  But you have […]

B.E. Scott’s Barbecue, Lexington, Tennessee

This is from inside the sheds with the pits in B.E. Scott’s Barbecue, where RIcky Parker cooks whole hogs– there were 30 of them (about 5100 pounds of meat) cooking in his pits today for the 4th.  Ricky is the primary subject of Joe York’s film Whole Hog.

Be warned, though:  the local […]