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Mississippi Constitution has the anti-gay marriage provision right where the prohibition against interracial marriage was

Section 263 of the Mississippi Constitution used to prohibit interracial marriage.  While this was declared unconstitutional by Loving v. Virginia in 1967, the voters and legislature of Mississippi finally got around to repealing it in 1987.

And what went into that vacancy? Section 263A of the constitution now sits right behind the space 263 used to […]

Are you surprised? (some details the media is missing in that interracial marriage poll)

Also while I was gone, Public Policy Pollster, a pollster in North Carolina released a poll of Mississippi Republicans (identified by voting in Republican primaries) that focused on presidential and gubernatorial politics (Mississippi likes Barbour 37% and Bryant 63% in the Republican primary. Surprise).  They threw in a question about the legality of interracial marriage:

Do […]