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Congress gave the President the authority to “Establish[ ] national immigration enforcement policies and priorities” and that’s what Obama did

The quote in the title is the full text of 6 U.S.C. § 202(5).

Executive discretion– the most familiar example being prosecutorial discretion– is a bedrock concept of our law.  The executive cannot pursue every case, and so they have the authority, often explicitly granted by statute, to select what cases to pursue.  It is not […]

When you are in Alabama, be sure your papers are in order.

From this story, I learn two things:  1)  If you don’t have “proper identification” on your person in Alabama, you will be arrested under the new immigration law.  It’s the law, now:  They can arrest you if your papers are not in order;  2)  The Tuscaloosa police has arrested a 46 year old […]