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In New York, I think they’d call the first food item on this sign “pork cheeks”

This is the sign for a new barbecue place in Aberdeen that is actually opening today.

For some reason, the owner was very suspicious yesterday when a man in a dark suit got out of a car to take a picture of her sign yesterday.  I wonder if the woman who was quizzing […]

Helpful pig related tip for readers of tomorrow’s NYTimes food column

You may be asking tomorrow:  “what is a long cut pig’s foot?”

Or maybe not.

The New York Times Sunday food column has had a series (which I’ve greatly enjoyed) in which Amanda Hesser takes a past recipe from the Times, describes it, perhaps updates it slightly, and gets a restaurant chef to do […]

Melton leading in Brad Chism poll on mayoral election

Update: Be sure and read the comments below about problems with this poll, from sample issues to the fact that it’s an automated poll.

Jim Craig’s World awakens to report an opinion poll by Brad Chism (who has no client in the fight) that shows Melton in the lead with 27%, followed by H. […]

Just because I leave town, news about hogs doesn’t quit occurring

The big new exclusive hard-to-find ingredient is hairy pigs! From Hungary, no less!  There’s  one source in this country, and the New York Times is making it sound like they’re even hotter than Berkshire hogs.

My major reaction to the article was to once again wish I had more opportunity to eat Spanish […]

A return to a familiar theme

This is from John Besh’s restaurant Luke, on St. Charles just before Poydras in New Orleans.  The Oysters yesterday were from the same place.

What we have here from left to right is a country terrine wrapped in Alan Benton’s bacon, a duck liver pate, rillettes, and last but not least…

once again, […]

What I may well be doing late Saturday afternoon in New Orleans…

A hog roast in Audubon Park behind the zoo, Saturday March 28th in New Orleans, from noon to dark.

“Come join us while we roast pigs on a spit as well as smoke pigs, oysters, and chickens. Plenty of drinks intended for adults and other food as well.”

If I can get down […]

Wednesday (food) various and open thread

Folks may remember a Folo post about bean soup recipes and pork stock, which talked about the beans sold by N.K. Hurst Bean Co. in Indiana. They now have a blog full of bean recipes, titled the Hurst Bean Blog … a load of beans.  h/t to the FoodNearSnellville blog in Georgia, which folks […]