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The whole Chris Wallace interview with Justice Scalia is worth watching

Chris Wallace did an interview with Justice Scalia on Fox News that’s pretty interesting. Last night, I posted a clip Think Progress pulled in which Scalia suggested a distinction between cannons and rocket propelled grenades for Second Amendment purposes.

There has been a suggestion in comments the clip was unfair. It was continuous (not […]

A true tale: Miss. governor holds public hearings about Medicaid and Medicare, and listens with open mind

Flashback to 1969.  Gov. John Bell Williams is addressing a joint session of the Mississippi Legislature, in special session to consider whether the state will implement the federal Medicaid and Medicare programs.  Williams had voted against the programs as a congressman, but held a series of public meetings across the state, attended each one, […]

Linda Greenhouse on John Roberts and the Health Care case

George Cochran, con law professor at Ole Miss, writes me to say that Linda Greenhouse’s latest post on the New York Times Opinionator blog, “The Mystery of John Roberts,”  is “Absolutely the best  thing written on the health care decision.”

It’s pretty great, and has a really good punch line, too.

This Week At The Supreme Court

Tomorrow, or possibly later in the week, is going to be momentous for the United States Supreme Court.  Among other things, we’re going to have decisions in the Arizona immigration act case, cases from Alabama and Arkansas cases involving whether it is constitutional to sentence juveniles to life-without-parole, and the First Amendment/stolen valor case about prosecuting […]

Mississippi Catholic Church organizations sue to block providing prescription contraceptives

Various Catholic Church organizations in Mississippi– various diocese, hospitals, and schools– have sued federal officers involved in enforcement of the health care law, saying the requirement that they have involvement in providing contraceptives violates their freedom of religion.

Here’s a copy of the 55 page complaint, filed yesterday in the Southern Division of the Southern District.


Lyle Denniston tells us what we need to know about the Health Care Reform cert grants

The Supreme Court granted certiorari on the Health Care Reform cases, carefully defining what it intends to hear and defining an extraordinary series of oral arguments.  As we knew we could rely on him to do, Lyle Denniston explains what’s up:

The Court will hold two hours of argument on the constitutionality of the […]

Maybe we’re doing it wrong.

Maybe I’m Doing It Wrong

The Randy Newman song seemed an appropriate sound track and title for this post.  Here’s the chart

The title of the chart: “Health Care Spending as a Percentage of GDP.” The USA is, of course, the outlier.

You can see the chart […]

The Onion helps Mitt Romney explain Romneycare

The Onions cuts pretty close and deep on this one:

“Every day I am haunted by the fact that I gave impoverished Massachusetts citizens a chance to receive health care. I’m only human, and I’ve made mistakes. None bigger, of course, than helping cancer patients receive chemotherapy treatments and making sure that those suffering […]

Florida District judge holds Health Care Reform unconstitutional

The judge held that the individual mandate exceeded the Commerce Clause power, and that the provision wasn’t severable– the whole act falls with it.  All other claims were rejected.  This makes four decisions, two (Michigan and W.D. Virginia) upholding the law and two (E.D. Virginia and this one) holding it unconstitutional.

You can read […]

Meanwhile, A Message From The Alternate Dimension

The above clip is from Fox News, reported by Talking Points.

This went so well he’s just laughing about it.  It went so well, I expect further historical explications from our governor.  Perhaps next he should explain why our Congressional representatives’s steadfast opposition to the anti-lynching bill back in the day was a […]