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Author Robert Goddard, source of “pure ditto-head psychosis” (Kirkus Reviews), to talk health care constitutionality on Gallo in the morning

So the afternoon email message about what’s up on SuperTalk Mississippi arrives, and I learn that Gallo will be talking health care tomorrow:

7:30-Robert Goddard, Mississippi Author-He’s InDaHouse.  If health care laws within ObamaCare were judged by Constitutional standards, nothing we’ve seen in any of the proposed Bills would survive the Courts.

Robert Goddard? […]

Betsy McCaughey and the Death Panels

Folks with long memories may recall a piece that ran in the New Republic magazine during the Clinton health care legislation debate by Betsy McCaughey.  Although riddled with errors, it became a central part of the attack on the legislation, and McCaughey used her fame from that to get elected Lt. Gov. of New […]

Senator Isakson (Republican of Georgia) expresses puzzlement over how health care directive provisions became “death committees”

In an interview with Ezra Klein on the Washington Post site, Senator Isakson expresses puzzlement (perhaps even annoyance) that a provision he advocated allowing doctors to be compensated for providing medical advice about health care directives morphed in the hands of the nuts into “death committees.”  Isakson said:

How someone could take an end […]

The lunatics kick it up a notch in the health care debate

NBC images from the crowd waiting for President Obama’s health care town hall meeting in New Hampshire.

Front view

The full quote, of course, is Jefferson:  “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Back view

Meanwhile, the lunatics have moved on […]

MPB interviews Travis Childers on Health Care Reform

Cari Gervin had a story from an Oxford interview with Travis Childers and Jennie Kilgore of North Mississippi Legal Services about health care reform.  Childers equivocates some, but does say there needs to be a bill.

“Why are so many people against youth in Asia?”

The level of discourse in the health care debate makes me want to bring back Emily Littella.  Perhaps its time to make Puerto Rico a steak.