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An Update: Whatever Happened to Neilson vs. Dawson and Lange?

FBI agent Hal Neilson sued Tom Dawson and Alan Lange for libel for a passage in their book, Kings of Tort, which he alleged libeled him by saying there was a lack of trust between the US attorneys office and Neilson.  Folks may recall that this lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Elliott on June […]

Government’s motion reveals Dino Grisanti’s cooperation in the Neilson case

Yesterday, Dino Grisanti’s sentencing occurred before Judge Mills.  The Daily Journal reports he got a day in jail and a $7,500 fine on his guilty plea for selling vehicles in his inventory at Grisanti Rebel Motors in Oxford while concealing that from the bank:  “Prosecutors said that Grisanti concealed the sales of 66 automobiles […]

Curtis Wilkie on the Gallo show and other Scruggs-related bits

First, I’ve heard from a couple of reliable sources that Hal Neilson and Zach Scruggs were having a coffee together at the coffee shop on North Lamar recently.

Second, Alan Lange pulled a couple of tidbits from Curtis Wilkie’s interview on the Gallo show this morning.  As Lange notes, when Zach Scruggs filed that […]

Hal Neilson, free from criminal charges, sues Tom Dawson and Alan Lange for libel

On December 2nd, Hal Neilson has filed suit against Tom Dawson, Alan Lange, and their publisher, Pediment Publishing in the Circuit Court of Lafayette County here in Oxford. Patsy Brumfield reported this first. She had just reported in today’s paper that the federal prosecutors in Neilson’s case had decided to dismiss the remaining three […]

Hal Neilson trial set on remaining counts for January 18th

Judge Aycock has reset the Hal Neilson trial on the remaining counts in the indictment for January 18th.  Neilson was acquited on 2 of 5 counts last Saturday; the jury failed to agree on the other three counts.

The Government has not announced whether it will retry him on those counts.

Hal Neilson was […]

Hal Neilson jury: Not Guilty on 2 Counts, Hung Verdict on others

So reports Patsy Brumfield, with details to follow later.  This is about 15 minutes ago.

Is the jury about to hang up in Hal Neilson’s case?

UPDATE:  What could this tweet from Patsy Brumfield mean?  “AGENT TRIAL:  Judge to offer option to leave Neilson trial for trip.  Meeting in chamber.”  Huh??

Reading her story on the NEMS site, it’s clear that what happened is the judge gave a modified Allen charge– she quotes language from it in her post.

Original […]

Hal Neilson to testify in trial

According to Patsy Brumfield’s report from the courtroom, Hal Neilson will testify in his own defense.  I have the impression it will happen this afternoon.

The Government attacks appointment of counsel for Hal Neilson

In a pretty nasty pleading– it’s not the pleading equivalent of a brushback pitch, this ball is being thrown straight at the batter’s head— the Government has asked the court to rethink appointment of counsel for indicted F.B.I. agent Hal Neilson.  To support their motion, they make all kinds of very specific statements about […]

Paul Quinn on Hal Neilson arraignment and whistleblower allegations

The photo above, by Eli Williams for the Oxford Enterprise, of Hal Neilson leaving his arraignment.

Paul Quinn has a story about the Hal Neilson arraignment in yesterday’s Oxford Enterprise and the reports about whether or not he was a whistleblower.  Paul has talked to a lot of different camps– defense lawyers from the Scruggs case, folks inside the US attorneys office, etc., and has lots of interesting (if inconclusive) datapoints.

The story is on the Oxford Enterprise website (no permalinks, so it will be gone on Sunday next), which on my browser (Firefox on a Mac) comes up looking very strange. Looks ok in Safari.  Anyhow, here’s the story:

The case surrounding FBI agent Phillip Halbert “Hal” Neilson is shaping up to be a politically charged one, as allegations fly about a troubled relationship between Neilson and recently retired U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee that had gone on for years in the Northern District of Mississippi.

Neilson pleaded not guilty Monday to a five-count indictment alleging that he concealed his ownership in the FBI building that he supervised and lied on financial disclosure documents he was required to fill out yearly. There wasn’t an empty seat in the small courtroom on the second floor of the U.S. District Courthouse.

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