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Judge Kidd rules the open carry statute unconstitutionally vague

Judge Kidd was asked by the plaintiffs in the Open Carry case to extend a Temporary Restraining Order enjoining the statute until the next term of the legislature.  That made no sense on several levels– TROs can only last 10 days, although they can be extended for another 10 days, and what is the […]

Some thoughts on the open carry statute and law enforcement discretion

Here’s some notes on that open carry statute.

As I understand the law prior to passage:  It was (and is) a crime to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.   A partially concealed weapon (by statute) violated this prohibition.  There were a number of defenses to the statute (my favorite required the defendant […]

Miss.Business Journal blasts Gov. Bryant on guns and joblessness

They detest his interposition pandering and note that he’s the worst Governor for job creation in decades.  Basically, they say, shut up the silly talk about blocking federal law and get to work at getting Mississippians to work.

What besides a pander to the “civil-war-is-around-the corner “ crowd could be behind Gov. Phil Bryant’s […]

Another Genius in the House Republican Caucus


A quick quote:

“I’ve heard of people being killed playing ping-pong — ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns,” he said. “Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything.”

h/t Weigel

Does attacking Childers in Mississippi for being pro-gun-rights make any kind of sense?

Here’s a weird one from a few days ago in the Hill.  If I’m reading this correctly, a DC group is going to do anti-Travis Childers ads in Mississippi the basis of which is this:  That by pushing through a pro-gun-ownership-in-DC bill through Congress, Childers is undercutting the voting rights of folks in DC.


Some Notes On Judge Sotomayor, the Second Amendment, and the Incorporation Doctrine

Correction:  In an account of George Cochran’s con law class, below, I misquoted him.  He said “Who the hell is Samuel Johnson and why would John Marshall care what he said about commerce?”

One of the folks in comments has been strongly attacking Judge Sotomayor as a racist and as an opponent to gun […]