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Greens, Gumbo Z’Herbes, Spring and the welcome return of local farmer’s markets

The way I welcome back Spring and the return of the local farm produce is a New Orleans Lenten dish, green gumbo, or gumbo z’herbes (here’s my base recipe).  The markets launch in the first of May, and suddenly, I’m able to cook from local produce.

Just as Louisiana strawberries come in in late […]

Fresh Greens on the market

The greens are really at their Fall peak right now, and between the various local farmers I found a lot this morning:

From Woodson Ridge Farms, I got carrot, radish, beet, and turnip tops, along with arugula.  I missed their lettuce.

From the Bost Farms at MidTown shopping center (sadly, the last market of […]

MidTown Farmers Market and green gumbo

This bowl of green gumbo or gumbo z’herbes has eight ingredients from the MidTown Farmers Market, along with beef shanks from Brown Family Dairy Farm and eight greens and herbs from my herb garden.

The start of the farmers market is starting to mean time to mike this dish.  It’s a Spring dish. […]

Thursday Morning Various

Your iPhone is building a moment-by-moment database of where you are, recording latitude, longitude, altitude, and movement.  When you backup your phone, this file goes into the backup, and when you get a new iPhone and restore from backup, the file goes on.  This Guardian story reports on the database, and this site […]

Greens for gumbo from the Mid-Town Farmer’s Market

A walk through the Midtown Farmers Market Saturday virtually dictated the dinner menu for Sunday:  The variety of greens meant I would make gumbo z’herbes or green gumbo.  Between the range of what I could get at the farmers market (some from a prior week, most from Saturday), and trips to the vegetable stand […]