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A 2008 statement of the Governor’s policy on Pardons, and some history of the publication requirement

What was the governor’s policy on pardons before 2011?

A really interesting document on the site of the Sentencing Project surveyed the policy and law in Mississippi on pardons as of 2008.  It states the policy at that time for parole eligibility:

• Eligibility: According to the Governor’s Office, informal policy requires applicants to […]

Politico story about Governor Barbour’s statement about the civil war

There’s an article on Politico by Robert McElvaine, history professor at Millsaps, remarks from Governor Barbour about the Civil War.  The key quote:

But he has now made a forthright declaration about the events swirling around what some Southerners still call the War of Northern Aggression. “Slavery was the primary, central, cause of secession,” […]

Marshall Ramsey on Gov. Barbour’s history lesson

from his blog

Separation of Powers: The Mississippi Supreme Court throws down the Gauntlet

Matt at Ipse Blogit just told me that Justice Randlolph stated at a CLE on the coast  that at 1:00 this afternoon, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued an order that the Governor has no authority to cut the funds appropriate to the Judiciary Branch.  Matt’s blogged this development.

This should be interesting!

UPDATE:  Here’s […]