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I have the impression these people aren’t getting along, Part 2

It has been widely reported that, while Justice Ginsburg was reading a statement about her dissent in a sexual harassment case on Monday, Justice Alito, right there on the bench, was acting out like a school child.  A badly behaved school child.  The Washington Post describesAlito “visibly mocking” Ginsburg while she read her dissent:

Ginsburg, the […]

Supreme Court lifts stay on Chrysler bankruptcy, and Bankruptcy Court enters series of orders that will make the deal happen

The United States Supreme Court entered a two page order vacating Judge Ginsburg’s stay in the Chrysler bankruptcy.  SCOTUS blog writes:

Justice Ginsburg opted to share the postponement question with her colleagues, and the Court appeared to be unanimous in letting the sale occur. …

As a result of the order, and the underlying […]