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Grant muses on the Confederate leaders he faced in Chattanooga

Before going back to the Vicksburg campaign (it was a siege at this point 150 years ago, and the pace slows down, although there are moments of great drama) I want to quote another bit of Grant’s Memoirs, this from the close of his successful campaign through Chattanooga, which more-or-less followed Vicksburg, and was Grant’s […]

Grant’s Memoirs, the Vicksburg Campaign: Grant writes in defense of Sherman

In my last post about Grant’s memoirs, I quoted his brief defense of Sherman, somewhat cryptically about Sherman’s view that Grant was taking too much risk in his later-famous decision to cut loose from his line of supply.

In the text, Grant wrote:

Sherman gave the same energy to make the campaign a success […]

Grant’s Memoirs, the Vicksburg Campaign May 23rd-25th:

The May 22nd assault having failed, Grant acknowledges he’s in for a siege– clearly in opposition to his temperament– and sums up his campaign to date:

I NOW determined upon a regular siege—to “out-camp the enemy,” as it were, and to incur no more losses. The experience of the 22d convinced officers and men that […]

Quote of the Day: Gen. Grant could not keep track of papers.

If my father could have acknowledged his problems with dealing with paper in a non-grouchy way, he could have said this about himself.   From Grant’s memoirs:

I was no clerk, nor had I any capacity to become one. The only place I ever found in my life to put a paper so as […]