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We All Must Look The Same To Them

Anderson is going to love this one.

This was in the Chittenango, New York may have been in a newspaper’s sports section this morning.  From Shannon Lovejoy on Facebook.

Update:  I wondered about the cut off masthead, which should have been a big read flag.  When someone goof on Facebook tried to foist this off […]

Ole Miss football half-time observation.

I’m guessing that no team in football history ever had the same number of false start penalties they had in scored points.  7 and 7! Hotty Toddy.

Update: I know this is hyperbole with numbers like 3 and 3 possible.  But 7 and 7 at the half was pretty bizarre.

Program cover from first Ole Miss Vandy game in Oxford

h/t Local Voice on Facebook

The Miss. State billboard on West Jackson was taken down because it was a recruiting violation…

The Mississippi State billboard on West Jackson in Oxford went down ahead of schedule.

It turns out it’s a recruiting violation

Mississippi State freely admitted it was about recruiting:

WTVA-TV reports (http://bit.ly/woLIdJ) that an MSU billboard sits on a busy street in Oxford near the Ole Miss campus. It shows MSU football players holding […]

A list of possible coaches and athletic directors for Ole Miss

Parish Alford at the Daily Journal has a list with a punch line to it.  The Clarion Ledger has a list (with more discussion), too, that share names with Alford’s list:

Kirby Smart. Hugh Freeze. Larry Fedora.

Mike Leach. Manny Diaz. Gus Malzahn.

Mark Hudspeth. Rich Rodriguez. …

There’s the high-profile assistants – Malzahn, […]

Chancellor Jones writes and asks for civility but possibly asks to end debate

This morning, the email below from Chancellor Dan Jones went out to a large number of Ole Miss folks.

I am ambivalent about it.  I agree with what he says about anonymous attacks and threats.  On the other hand, there is no doubt that Pete Boone’s position makes him a public figure in Mississippi.  Just in the sense of operating an enterprise with a budget of the size of the athletic department, he operates one of the largest public institutions in North Mississippi.  There is obviously a place for public debate about how that job is being performed.  The letter closes by saying:

I regularly review the performance of all those who report to me, including Mr. Boone. But I cannot and will not engage in any sort of review in response to a public campaign to force his removal.

A debate worthy of attention is about who we are as a university family. Will we remain civil, reasonable people?

I agree that any discussion about this should be civil and should not involve improper threats (if by “threats” the email means language like, “Improve things or I will withdraw support,” that is not an improper threat).  I don’t like how ugly this sort of discussion gets.  But I don’t agree with apparent implications in this email that public debate about this public institution is somehow wrong, and I hope it doesn’t mean that the response is to dig in deeper rather than consider what might need to be changed.

The full email is below the fold.

Dear Ole Miss Family,

The Ole Miss Creed begins: “The University of Mississippi is a community of learning dedicated to nurturing excellence in intellectual inquiry and personal character in an open and diverse environment. As a voluntary member of this community, I believe in respect for the dignity of each person; I believe in fairness and civility.”

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Hotty Toddy

From a Vanderbilt fan’s blog:

So when’s the last time Vanderbilt beat an SEC team by 23 or more points?

It was 1971, when Vanderbilt beat Mississippi State 49-19.

There was a time when it appeared they’d achieve their first shut-out in an SEC game since the 60s.


Washington Post does another damn visit-Oxford-for-football-weekend story

A Washington Post reporter did an Ole Miss football weekend (last year’s Alabama game) with Hiram Eastland and James Meredith (I’m not kidding), describes it in a more-or-less straightforward way.

It’s doubtful you’ll learn much that’s both new and true (possibly new but probably not true are two two stories Hiram Eastland says Jimmy […]

Times Picayune Cartoonist on the NFL’s claim on Who Dat Nation

Friday afternoon open thread

A quiet afternoon of reading cases, eating turkey sandwiches, and half-watching some football.  Saw Oxford’s own Justin Woodall draw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (picked off an Auburn pass then threw away in a temper fit when he realized the play had been called dead and his interception was for naught).  What is going down […]