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The Garlic Lady’s Garlic is back


One of the best things about MidTown Farmer’s Market several years ago was the garlic being raised by Katherine Daigle, who called her stand the Garlic Lady.  She had several types, and really understood the process, including meticulously drying the garlic after harvest.  I would buy enough from her to last till […]

Yes, the South is a different country (evidence from a northern grocery store)

From a grocery story in Northern Illinois, a photo by friend-of-the-blog Bill Gregg.

Slate Magazine’s assault in pie

Slate Magazine’s bogus and knee-jerk contrarianism shows its full bankruptcy in an assault on pie. That’s right, a two-screen tirade about the author’s dislike of pie.

The author has obviously never been to DeVall’s Bluff, Arkansas or eaten something from the Family Pie Shop. Or, for that matter, to the Resthaven in Clarksdale.


Off the Road Again and open thread

Just off the road, after court in South Mississippi, which left the natural option of a trip to New Orleans to see my kids, eat some of Donald Link’s incredible gumbo, catch some beads thrown by Drew Brees (pictoral evidence below), and to return to contemplate what tweaks I might make to my own […]

Food52 website, and my recipe for grillades and grits

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the food site Food52, which is a project of Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, who both write for the NY Times .  Among other things, they are using the site to put together a cookbook through a year of contests of reader-submitted recipes, with both readers and the authors selecting […]

Mystery ranking

Here’s a ranking noted in the press today.

Chicken Potato Apple Onion Bagel Cheese Pumpkin

I’ll open comments for guesses as to what the basis is for these rankings.