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Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker: Against a vote on the jobs bill but for the jobs bill. Got it?

There are much harder gyrations politicians attempt to make– take, for instance, McCain’s current claim that he didn’t realize the Tarp money was going to banks (he said he was mislead by Bush’s secretary of treasury) and that Obama suspended his campaign, too– but the two Mississippi senators are in a small and exclusive […]

Are filibusters consistent with the original intent of the founders?

James Fallows has an update with readers input about his filibuster quote from earlier today.  The two most interesting are from lawyers, one noting the language of the constitution and the other some history and experience of the use of filibusters.  His blog post also includes an interesting point about California’s budget paralysis and […]

Fillibusters and the US Senate

James Fallows has a nice blog post about the explosion in number of fillibusters in the Senate and what it does to the ability to govern– it has suddenly become necessary to get 60 votes and not a majority of votes in order to get through the Senate.  This is something new– fillibusters and […]