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A strange re-writing of the DOMA opinion

Randy Barnett, writing on both the SCOTUSblog and the Volokh Conspiracy blog, has re-tooled the logic of Windsor v. United States in a form that is more pleasing to his desire for federalism cases.  Only, it’s not what the court ruled or said.   He describes his take on the logic of the decision:


Linda Greenhouse is justifiably afraid of the federalism arguments in the DOMA case

A fascinating passage in Greenhouse’s piece on the DOMA case quotes the lawyer for Wainwright (the state of Florida) in Gideon v. Wainwright, which held that there was a constitutional right to counsel for felony defendants in the state courts:

During the argument on Jan. 15, 1963, a Florida assistant attorney general, Bruce R. […]

Meanwhile, A Message From The Alternate Dimension

The above clip is from Fox News, reported by Talking Points.

This went so well he’s just laughing about it. ¬†It went so well, I expect further historical explications from our governor. ¬†Perhaps next he should explain why our Congressional representatives’s steadfast opposition to the anti-lynching bill back in the day was a […]