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I ate local. I ate much more vegetables than meat. But I couldn’t go see Micheal Pollan…

Tonight Micheal Pollan was in town.  I would like to have gone and see him but work prevented.  On the other hand, when I got home (late), I cooked a dinner he might have thought reasonable.

The main part of the meal was roasted local vegetables from farmers markets here along with some stuff […]

MidTown Farmers Market haul on Saturday May 16th

… and you can’t show up at 7:45 and expect any of Linda Boyd’s asparagus.  But I did get sugar snaps, romaine, English peas, new potatoes, squash, and more.


Eggplants are here, and Brown Family Farm has mozzarella

I’m making a point of cooking local as much as possible, and for a month have pulled that off.  The word that the Browns were doing mozarella, just as eggplants and summer tomatoes were coming in,  made my cooking this weekend.

First, I made a big batch of tomato sauce, based on Marchella Hazan’s […]

Late Spring Roasted Vegetables

Roasting vegetables has become a default solution to me.  This one is a late-Spring early-Summer dish in north Mississippi.  What you want is a mixture of vegetables to roast.  I use a Corning-ware dish with a lid.  What you need to consider is the cooking time for the various vegetables, and keeping enough space […]

Wonderful Farmers Market results, and notes on Spring pasta

The farmers markets are going full blast, to the point I’m already thinking about how to save things for later.  Tomorrow is the new city market on Oxford Loop, Wednesday (midday) and Saturday (morning) are MidTown, and my refrigerator is full.

I’ve always had a somewhat negative reaction to recipes for pasta primavera.  Since […]

Greens, Gumbo Z’Herbes, Spring and the welcome return of local farmer’s markets

The way I welcome back Spring and the return of the local farm produce is a New Orleans Lenten dish, green gumbo, or gumbo z’herbes (here’s my base recipe).  The markets launch in the first of May, and suddenly, I’m able to cook from local produce.

Just as Louisiana strawberries come in in late […]

Great local farm product: Yoknabottom farm’s New Mexico green chillies, plus a recipe for green chile sauce

My friends at Yoknabottoms Farm are regulars at the MidTown Farmers Market now, and they have wonderful chillies lately.  Saturday, they had New Mexico chillies (among many others).

I was delighted about that, because of a fond memory of a visit to Sante Fe when I was 14, and had their green chillies with […]

Woodson Ridge Farms on-farm vegetable sale on Saturday October 8th

Woodson Ridge Farms is raising vegetables aimed at Memphis and regional restaurants.  They are a sister-farm to an operation in Hammond, Louisisana that is a favorite of New Orleans chefs.  This Saturday, on October 8th from 8AM to noon, they’ll be doing on-farm sales at the barn on the place.

Pictured below are some […]

MidTown Farmers Market today

At the MidTown Farmer’s market today, a grower who is relatively new to me had what I took to be cabbages.  I asked him about them.

He said, “Those aren’t cabbages, those are savvies.”

I said, “Savvies?  What’s a savvey,” and he responded with vagueness and lack of clarity.  The woman standing next […]

Wednesday MidTown Farmers Market– Bosts tomatoes are in

Also cantaloupes, blueberries, cabbage, sweet corn, squash, flowers, etc.