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The story “has to be about redemption”– another Friend-of-Scruggs wants to tell the story

Errol Castens at the Daily Journal has a story about Sam Haskell’s purchase of the movie rights to Curtis Wilkie’s Scruggs book, Fall of the House of Zeus:

“We are personal friends of the Scruggs family, and I was concerned for them and for the ripple effect for not only them but for Mississippi […]

Review of Fall of the House of Zeus in the Washington Times

Mr. Wilkie tries to understand why his friend Scruggs did what he did. He even suggests that maybe Scruggs’ actions were caused in part by the ingestion of the prescription drug Fioricet. Perhaps Scruggs, before being disbarred, should have filed suit against the manufacturer for not listing “bribery” as a side effect.

The ABA […]

Sam Haskell buys movie rights to Fall of the House of Zeus

Sam Haskell, now an Oxford resident and previously the head of the television division of the William Morris Agency, has bought the movie rights to Curtis Wilkie’s Fall of the House of Zeus, according to this story in Variety:

Former WMA TV topper Sam Haskell is going to court, acquiring film and TV rights to […]

Curtis Wilkie interviewed on Mississippi Edition this AM

Sandra Knispel interviewed Curtis Wilkie this morning on Mississippi public radio.  She began by asking about the title invoking a Greek tragedy, she asked: wast it is inevitable his house would fall and crumble?

A.  Probably not. It fell because of some poor judgment on his part, the association of some people who got […]

Curtis Wilkie ponders Scruggs’s character flaws in the Wall Street Journal

In a Wall Street Journal interview about his Scruggs book, Curtis Wilkie says he agrees with Diane Scruggs that Dick Scruggs’s character flaws were bad judgment induced by his drug problem and being a bad judge of character. Wilkie thinks greed was not involved.  I’m going to repeat my early visceral reaction to the […]

Curtis Wilkie’s book out tomorrow, reading at Square Books

Curtis Wilkie’s book about Scruggs comes out tomorrow, launching with a reading at Square Books at 5:00. I expect there will be a very big crowd, and intend to go.

The DeSoto Times has an interview with Wilkie, and writes:

His relationship with Scruggs has garnered some skepticism in his ability to tell the […]

Some Casting Notes on Fall of the House of Zeus

Some of the casting in the book is explicit– the title itself cast Dickie Scruggs as Zeus.  Scruggs is also miscast as an actual litigator.

Charles Merkel and Dickie Scruggs are cast as Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarity, although for a long passage it is unclear who is whom.  Merkel will be glad that […]

Alyssa Schnugg at the Oxford Eagle writes about Fall of the House of Zeus

Alyssa Schnugg has a piece (which I can’t link because the Eagle is largely behind a paywall) about Curtis Wilkie’s book on the front of the Oxford Eagle today.  The book comes out Tuesday, and there will be a reading on Tuesday at Square Books.

She notes, “Because of his relationship with Scruggs, Wilkie […]

Jerry Mitchell Q&A with Curtis Wilkie about the Scruggs book

Jerry Mitchell does a Q&A with Curtis Wilkie about his book.  He starts with explaining why he decided to write the book, and explains what he learned:

A: A lot. I believe the book breaks a lot of new ground. I think there are all sorts of news stories that could be developed from […]

Does Fall of the House of Zeus resolve open questions about the Scruggs cases? Part 4 of 4

I’ve been revisiting questions about the Scruggs cases that appeared open in March of 2008, to see what answer might be provided by Curtis Wilkie’s book about the Scruggs scandal, Fall of the House of Zeus. I started with ten questions from David Rossmiller, and wrote about them here and here.  Now I’m going to […]