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“Americans have confused the polling booth….”

It’s not often I laugh out loud at an unexpected turn in the lede of a Clairon Ledger story, particularly one above the fold (it was probably more a snort than a laugh):

In light of recent congressional elections, including Tuesday’s, you might wonder if Americans have confused the polling booth with a microwave […]

Oliver Diaz to speak about the death penalty at Jackson forum Monday

Quoting from the flier put out by Mississippians Educating for Smart Justice, for an event  Monday, April 13 at 7 pm at St. Richard Catholic Church in Jackson (1242 Lynnwood Drive):

MESJ Presents: “Confronting Death:The Journey of Justice Oliver Diaz”

As a Republican member of the Mississippi House of Representatives andJudge on the State […]

Parole bill and Hodgkin update

The Clarion Ledger, in  a bill about legislation about parole, notes that Douglas Hodgkin, convicted of the 1987 murder of Jean Elizabeth Gillies, is still in prison awaiting Kentucky’s approval of a home.  The article’s primary focus is the passage of a bill (awaiting the governor’s consideration and signature) that tinkers with the voting […]

Melton leading in Brad Chism poll on mayoral election

Update: Be sure and read the comments below about problems with this poll, from sample issues to the fact that it’s an automated poll.

Jim Craig’s World awakens to report an opinion poll by Brad Chism (who has no client in the fight) that shows Melton in the lead with 27%, followed by H. […]

Some Thoughts on the Paul Minor oral argument

I’m going to post some thoughts on the Paul Minor oral argument before I read any of the online stories; I’ll post about them later. A partial transcript of the oral argument in the Paul Minor case is online at the Raw Story site, here.  The primary issue in the appeal, at least from […]

Mayor Melton’s jury to be selection district-wide

The Melton case is fairly active.  The judge has granted Melton’s motion to reconsider where the jury pool will be selection, ruling that Melton’s argument about race is legally defective but that his secondary argument about the practicalities of jury selection was sound; that it is possible for a jury to be selected from […]

Jackson Jambalaya adds local government links

In a sudden and unexpected outburst of usefullness, Kingfish at Jackson Jambalaya has added a really nice list of links to local government databases and other resources to the top right sidebar of his webpage.  Here’s his list, which I gather will be permanently afixed to the upper left corner (well, permanently until he […]

Back on the ballot again…

The Mayor is once more a candidate.

Mayor Melton is embarrassed

The goofiness persists in the Mayor Melton residence contest.  We learn in this morning’s Clarion Ledger what embarrasses Mayor Melton:  The residency fight.  “I’m just embarrassed we’re wasting the court’s time here,” he’s quoted saying.

On cross-examination, Melton refused to answer many questions from the Democratic Executive Committee’s attorney, Dorsey Carson.

Carson asked Melton […]

More about the Democratic Executive Committee meltdown

I don’t know whether to call this a “showdown” or a “meltdown.”  Both sides seem to be provoking the highest stakes game possible– as you’ll read below, Chairman Jamie Franks is reported to have told members in advance to stay away from the meeting because it was illegal.  If he’s right that the meeting […]