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G is for both Gorey and Google

Today’s Google header honors a favorite of this blog, Edward Gorey.

G is not only for Google and Gorey…

For the full alphabet (which I’ve previously quoted), go here.

Edward Gorey exhibit at Columbia

Depicted above is an envelope of a letter Edward Gorey sent to a friend who collaborated on children’s books with him.

There’s an exhibit at Columbia through August 10th of Gorey’s work, from a collection donated by a New York lawyer who started collecting Gorey’s work in the mid-70s, about the time I came onto […]

B is for Basil assaulted by bears

I’m wondering if we’re about to see another Edward Gorey resurgence, something that seems to come along every ten years or so.

He published small illustrated books beginning in the 50s; at the time (pre-graphic novels), they looked like children’s books.  Really macabre children’s books.

There’s an exhibit I read about on this […]