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More Evidence of Eaton Perfidy Emerges

Judge Weill has entered an opinion of over 120 pages outlining discovery that should have been provided by Eaton to Frisby and was not.  Phillip Thomas picked up  on a report by Allison Grant of the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the opinion and has posted more than once about it.

In the opinion, Judge […]

If you’ve followed Eaton v. Frisby, I’m guessing you can guess who wanted to hire Ed Peters

Phillip Thomas has an informative post about Eaton v. Frisby.  Before reading it, here’s some chronology that will set one piece of news in context.

Recall the timing:

1) Mike Allred, a lawyer for Eaton Corp., agrees to pay a witness for testimony in Eaton’s case against Frisby Copr.  Allred and whoever else knew […]

Government Dismisses Charges in Eaton v. Frisby criminal case

In a dramatic development, the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office moved yesterday to dismiss all criminal charges arising out of the Eaton v. Frisby case.  The Government moved to dismiss with prejudice, which the court did, and which means the criminal case is ended and will never be pursued again.

The motion and order […]

Jerry Mitchell writes about Ed Peters and Eaton v. Frisby

Possibly the best part of  Jerry Mitchell’s story about Ed Peters and Eaton v. Frisby may be Larry Latham’s reaction to Ed Peters’s FBI statement.

One of the ways that Ed Peters influenced Judge DeLaughter was to (behind the scenes) convince him to fire special master Jack Dunbar, who had made findings that were devastating […]

Clarion Ledger reports that Judge Weill orders opening of Eaton v. Frisby file

Jimmie Gates has the story:

Before he retired last year, Hinds County Circuit Judge Swan Yerger dismissed Eaton’s $1 billion lawsuit.

He said in his December opinion that Eaton turned Peters loose to influence DeLaughter in the lawsuit and the records should be unsealed.

Circuit Judge Jeff Weill, who replaced Yerger in January, agrees with […]

You have to acknowledge that Eaton Corp. and its lawyers have a sense of the absurd

I thought this a good time to check into that litigation Frisby (well, its successor, but for simplicities sake I’ll say Frisby) filed against Eaton Corp. in North Carolina, alleging that it pursued these lawsuits and other tactics as a sham to keep Frisby away from government contracts.

What’s been up has been that […]

Judge Yerger finds that Eaton Corp. knew Peters illegally influenced Bobby DeLaughter, dismisses Eaton’s case

Judge Yerger has accepted the special master’s findings that Eaton Corp and its counsel knew Ed Peters was hired to secretly work Judge DeLaughter on the case, and illegally contacted Judge DeLaughter to influence him, and did illegally influence him, and, as a result of those fact findings, demised Eaton Corp.’s case entirely. Having […]

Frisby lawyer to Clarion Ledger: “case is about to take a dramatic turn”

Saturday there was an article about the sealing of the file in Eaton v. Frisby, which is one of the two cases where Ed Peters was apparently secretly hired (by plaintiff Eaton Corp. and/or its lawyers) to influence Judge DeLaughter (the other being Wilson v. Scruggs).  There’s an interesting “watch this space” heads up […]

Judge Yerger rules about release of three documents about contact between Peters and DeLaughter in Eaton

Judge Yerger has ruled that documents showing contact between Ed Peters and Judge DeLaughter about the Eaton v. Frisby case can be disclosed, although the scope of the ruling is not clear in Jimmie Gates’s story in the Clarion Ledger this morning.  He writes:

Documents showing contact between Ed Peters and then-Hinds County Circuit […]

Paul Quinn on Judge Davidson’s order to turn over the Eaton evidence

Yesterday, I wrote (the link includes the opinion) about the decision by Judge Davidson to turn over Eaton-related evidence from U.S. v. DeLaughter to Judges Barbour and Yerger, who have different parts of that prosecution.  Paul Quinn writes about this at length in today’s Clarion Ledger:

A document filed by U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee […]