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On the road in Holcomb, Mississippi


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Picture of the location of this sign below the fold.

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Wandering through the Delta



Depicted above:  John Hurt’s grave on the Choctaw Ridge near Avalon, Mississippi; the Shamoun’s family restaurant in Clarksdale, the Resthaven; the Riverside Hotel, a blues landmark in Clarksdale, where Bessie Smith died, and any blues or gospel singer you know who passed through Clarksdale from […]

House on Highway 8, just west of Ruleville, Mississippi

Every time I go on Highway 8 between Holcomb and Ruleville, I’ve noticed this building.  Today, I stopped and took photos, travelling through the Delta with Joyce, Chris Offut, and Melissa Ginsburg.  Melissa noticed that, to one side behind the house, it had a satellite dish.

There has to be a story about […]

A short stop in Lambert, Mississippi

Driving south from Marks down the first highway in the Delta formally named in honor of a musician (The Charley Pride highway.  What, you were thinking B.B. King or Muddy Waters?), I decided to stop off in downtown Lambert to see the Blues Trail marker for Sunnyland Slim.  Across the street from the marker, […]

Quote for the day

In 1941 and 1942, scholars from Fisk University and Alan Lomax with the Library of Congress had been documenting the music in the black community in Coahoma County, Mississippi.  That would be Clarksdale.  Support from the Library of Congress was ending, and Lomax was looking for other support.

[He] asked the WPA Writers Project […]

Suing where the Southern Cross’ the Dog

The housing part of the civil clinical programs in the law school has filed a pretty interesting lawsuit against a slumlord down in the Delta just outside Moorhead.  To read the allegations of the complaint, what you have here is old-school Delta or Mississippi property owner (this is my fiefdom, to do as […]

Sunday Morning Various with Updates

The Commercial Appeal has a long analysis piece about the problems of the Delta.  Reading along, I thought some of the observations didn’t ring true, then hit this:  “Population appears to be dropping. Although the overall decline since 2000 is small…”  I thought:  What?  Last year, after thinking the voting turnout numbers in the […]

“Fried Out Chicken Fat With Attached Skin”

So says the smaller print on the label of Kim’s Chicken Cracklings, depicted below.  I’m pretty sure reading between the lines that this is a product very particular to the Mississippi Delta’s melting pot– where the Chinese Grocer community and the Black community meet.

I was driving back from a mission in Benton County […]


As per Ben’s instruction’s. I think Chamoun’s may be Mississippi’s best cream pie.

Saturday Morning Various

The Tupelo Journal has moved to its new digs, found here.  Today, they report congressional legislation declaring national heritage areas, one of which is the North Mississippi, a thirty county area bounded “by the Tennessee and Alabama state lines to the north and east, Highway 14 to the south and Interstate 55 to […]