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Judge Davidson tells Scruggs attorneys he is “quite capable” of reading the record

Dickie Scruggs filed a motion to clarify the record, insinuating that the Government had somehow made misleading statements about whether there was a quid pro quo in Scruggs II (the case involving Judge DeLaughter, Ed Peters, the federal bench opportunity and several million dollars paid to Peters to secretly work Judge DeLaughter).

My reading […]

You have to acknowledge that Eaton Corp. and its lawyers have a sense of the absurd

I thought this a good time to check into that litigation Frisby (well, its successor, but for simplicities sake I’ll say Frisby) filed against Eaton Corp. in North Carolina, alleging that it pursued these lawsuits and other tactics as a sham to keep Frisby away from government contracts.

What’s been up has been that […]

Ed Peters grand jury testimony and FBI interview released in Scruggs motion to clarify

Dickie Scruggs’s team has filed a “Motion to Clarify,” essentially asserting that, at the plea in Scruggs II, prosecutor Bob Norman said:

Peters would testify that he believed if DeLaughter would help Scruggs, Scruggs would help DeLaughter obtain the judgeship he wanted so badly. Peters would testify that he believed DeLaughter understood that agreement.


Dickie Scruggs moves to vacate sentence in Scruggs II based on Skilling

The one year anniversary of the United States Supreme Court decision in Skilling is tomorrow.  There’s a one year statute of limitations for federal habeas actions… so…

Dickie Scruggs has filed a motion to vacate his sentence in Scruggs II (the case involving DeLaughter and WIlson v. Scruggs) citing the Skilling case.

Here’s the […]

Paul Quinn on Judge Davidson’s order to turn over the Eaton evidence

Yesterday, I wrote (the link includes the opinion) about the decision by Judge Davidson to turn over Eaton-related evidence from U.S. v. DeLaughter to Judges Barbour and Yerger, who have different parts of that prosecution.  Paul Quinn writes about this at length in today’s Clarion Ledger:

A document filed by U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee […]

Judge Davidson sends Ed Peters statements to the Southern District and Judge Yerger

Some of the individual Frisby parties in Eaton v. Frisby filed a motion in U.S. v. DeLaughter asking for preservation and access of Ed Peters statements and the grand jury materials that relate to the contact with DeLaughter in the Eaton case.  Recall that one of several lawsuits in the Eaton mess is a […]

Judicial Performance Commission: DeLaughter is over, don’t worry about resolving our motion

Kingfish is the first one out with the Judicial Performance Commissions motion to withdraw their interim suspension of DeLaughter.  As the basis, they state that he’s entred a guilty plea to obstruction of justice by lying about Wilson v. Scrgugs, that he’s resigned as a judge, and that he’s promised to never attempt to […]

Prior posts on Eaton v. Frisby

If you want to catch up on or review what was in Eaton v. Frisby, I recommend the following:

Last year in January, I wrote a post on Folo called “Contracts to Pay Fact Witnesses Are Illegal.”  It provided some introductory notes and links about Eaton lawyer Mike Allred, and described the contract with […]

Revisiting my initial reaction to U.S. v. DeLaughter

This is not exactly I-told-you-so, but I was looking for Eaton v. Frisby stuff and encountered this post I wrote back in February about the DeLaughter indictment, right after it hit– the indictment had been public for four days.  I wrote:

Judge DeLaughter’s case is going to be an interesting one for choosing a […]

Now it’s Jerry Mitchell’s turn to ask where the investigation is going

Jerry Mitchell (assisted by Paul Quinn) has a long where-are-we-going piece in today’s Clarion Ledger.  Unlike the similar piece from the Daily Journal on Wednesday, this one has some interesting new information.  The heart of the piece is about Eaton v. Frisby, one of the cases in which Peters was hired behind-the-scenes to influence […]