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Damon Runyon on the Great Depression

From the opening of the short story, “The Snatching of Bookie Bob.”

Now, it comes on the spring of 1931, after a long hard winter, and times are very tough indeed, what with the stock market going all to pieces, and banks busting right and left, and the law getting very nasty about this […]

Damon Runyon and tripe

It is well known that Damon Runyon was fascinated with the underworld characters hanging out in saloons on Broadway during prohibition.  I was unaware he was also fascinated with tripe.

From the start of the story “Blonde Mink”:

Now of course there are many different ways of cooking tripe but personally I prefer it […]

Sentence of the Day

This is from Damon Runyon’s story of the racehorse tout’s life, “Pick the Winner,” which is set at the height of the depression.

Hot Horse Herbie suggests to Miss Cutie Singleton that she get out the old crystal ball and her deck of cards, and hang out her sign as a fortuneteller while they […]