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Reason Magazine’s crime issue is online

Reason Magazine has its crime issue entirely online.  As readers of this blog would expect, Radley Balko has two good pieces, a “Bad Boys” story about several of the worst (and two of the best) prosecutors in America, that leads off with Forrest Allgood, and a story about innocence cases that focuses on one […]

I don’t even want to think about a guidelines analysis of this one…

130,000,000 victims?  A hacker has been indicted for stealing that many credit cards:

A federal grand jury has indicted Albert Gonzales, 28, of Miami, Fla., for allegedly hacking into computers belonging to retail and financial companies and stealing more than 130 million credit and debit cards.This guy was already under indictment in another […]

Jackson 4th in national murder rate, New Orleans 1st

Jackson falls behind New Orleans, Baltimore, and St. Louis in murder rate for last year according to a story in today’s Clarion Ledger.  The story spends most of its length talking about the mayoral change-over and what this means for police leadership.

Excellent account of Hodgkin parole letters by Hohlbrook Mohr of the AP


Why the state-wide silence about who supported parole for killer Doug Hodgkin?  The Sun-Herald is the only paper running anything from a long and well-researched Hohlbrook Mohr AP– here it is in a Kentucky paper, and compare the tiny fragment, far less embarrasing to MDOT Executive Director Butch Brown that […]

Sunday Morning Various

The Czech Republic first detained David Duke, then decided they’d rather him leave the country by midnight Saturday, all in all seems the best option. He was visiting to hang out with neo-Nazis, and arrested on charges of Holocaust denial.  A brief Times-Picayune story about this reviews some of his sorded history. Forbes […]

High Praise for Ace Atkin’s newest in San Francisco Chronicle Review

Starting with the novel White Shadow, Oxonian (or, really, Parisian) novelist Ace Atkins moved from writing series-detective mystery to writing crime novels based on serious research that Ace thoroughly assimilated and turned into fine, dark fiction.  The reality he is able to create in these books is tangible, and must have been partly the […]

Some notes on Judge DeLaughter’s reply on his motion to to dismiss

The Defense motion to dismiss the indictment had what I described as clever arguments, but I thought went off the cliff trying to argue that no one would attach any value to a call from a United States Senator that they were being considered for a position on the federal bench. Thus, the argument […]

Judge DeLaughter asks (with Government agreement) to put off his motion about the grand jury…

Judge DeLaughter has asked to put off his reply on the motion about inspection of the grand jury minutes.  The motion notes that the Government has agreed to this, and that counsel are all going to meet in late April and may resolve some part of this.

The motion states:  “In light of certain […]

Another homicide in Lafayette County last weekend

Alyssa Schnugg at the Eagle is reporting that we’ve had the 2nd killing in the county this month, this time apparently just off Highway 7 North, about 1/3rd of the way toward Abbeville.  James O. Harwell, 46, is being held for “shooting his wife multiple times and killing her early this morning.”

A report […]

Monday Morning Various

In the course of an article about a new fancy-cocktail bar in New Orleans called Cure, Todd Price of the Times Picayune surveys the cocktail scene in New Orleans. One he mentions, the French 75 bar at Arnauds, where the house drink is made with Mums champagne.  Cure sounds interesting, although the business […]