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Sign posted so you don’t show up at the courthouse in Houston in the wrong attire

Just trying to prevent a possible fashion faux pas.

And, also, there’s this, to help prevent a more disgusting sort of faux pas.

The halls of the courthouse in Houston are chock-full of advice and […]

At the courthouse in Coffeeville, Mississippi

There is nothing quite as old-school as a courtroom in late July in Mississippi with a broken air conditioner.  But yet, there was no one with a seersucker suit.

There goes the Calhoun County Courthouse

This just in from Pittsboro, courtesy of the Calhoun County Journal– a chronological series of photographs of the demolition of the Calhoun County courthouse.

One of my stories involves a Washington DC lawyer from a large firm, just out of law school (U. of Chicago) arriving at the records room there and asking […]

Calhoun County Courthouse Decor OR A Scary Concept

Sign in the Men’s Room in the Calhoun County Courthouse


h/t my brother Hale.

Photographic Evidence, and More About Those Courthouse Chickens

The picture above is the defendant (who shot a fine hunting dog) with his fancy Golden Sebright Bantam chickens.  He was sued for shooting the hunting dog, whose owner (and neighbor) attests that it had never been on the defendant’s property before, and hthe defendant counterclaimed for the killing of his chickens.  According to […]