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Congressman Cohen directly appeals for Prince Mongo’s vote

The Democratic Primary between Congressman Steve Cohen and former Memphis mayor Willie Herenton is moving toward a conclusion, and, fortunately, it’s looking good for Cohen by all polls, although Herenton is claiming the racial demographics of the early voting turnout look good for him.

Meanwhile, recall that pizzeria owner and perennial political candidate Prince Mongo Hodges declares […]

Health Care Question…

By the way, did we have a referendum on the health care bill? I don’t remember being asked when the American people “rejected” it.

The Washington Post chronicles those wild-and-crazy politicians from South Carolina

To provide some historical context for heckling congressman Joe Wilson, the Washington Post has done a time line of misbehavior by South Carolinians in Congress (with a brief detour to Gov.  Sanford’s non-hiking trip, which I think is padding), that begins, of course, with Preston Brooks caning Charles Sumner over Sumner’s Kansas speech.  It […]

Which member of Congress had the first website?

The first one was in 1993; at the time there were not Congressional .gov sites, so this one was on a college site in the district served by the member of Congress.

Answer below the fold.

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Mayor Herenton in Memphis resigns as prep for congressional run

At a press conference in the last few minutes, reports the Commercial Appeal blog–

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton just announced his resignation, effective July 10. He called his tenure as mayor the highlight of his professional career. He will go into business with his son, Rodney. He’s still planning to run for congress against […]

Daily Journal reports that Nunnellee is closing in on a decision to run against Childers…

… but then says that sitting legislators have a poor history of success in Mississippi congressional races.  I’m mildly dubious that his status as a legislator is really a problem.  He does have a bad case of taking-forever-to-decide about running in the past, but seems headed that way now.  He’s doing a “listening tour” […]

In another motion response, the Government previews that it will be bringing up other cases involving DeLaughter and Peters

One of Judge DeLaughter’s motions asked to dismiss the bribery count of the indictment (count one) for failing to allege a crime.   I wrote about the motion here.  As I stated, the motion notes that the indictment does not allege DeLaughter knew that Peters was getting $1M from the conspiracy and therefore does not […]

Sweet Potatoes in the news

Congressman Gene Taylor Travis Childers (whose district does not include the sweet potato capital of the world) is seeking $400,000 in federal funds for research to turn sweet potatoes into a biofuel.

I know there’s a relevant sweet potato joke lurking in there somewhere but I’m just not seeing it right now.

Update: The […]

Parole bill and Hodgkin update

The Clarion Ledger, in  a bill about legislation about parole, notes that Douglas Hodgkin, convicted of the 1987 murder of Jean Elizabeth Gillies, is still in prison awaiting Kentucky’s approval of a home.  The article’s primary focus is the passage of a bill (awaiting the governor’s consideration and signature) that tinkers with the voting […]

Saturday Morning Various

The Tupelo Journal has moved to its new digs, found here.  Today, they report congressional legislation declaring national heritage areas, one of which is the North Mississippi, a thirty county area bounded “by the Tennessee and Alabama state lines to the north and east, Highway 14 to the south and Interstate 55 to […]