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Florida District judge holds Health Care Reform unconstitutional

The judge held that the individual mandate exceeded the Commerce Clause power, and that the provision wasn’t severable– the whole act falls with it.  All other claims were rejected.  This makes four decisions, two (Michigan and W.D. Virginia) upholding the law and two (E.D. Virginia and this one) holding it unconstitutional.

You can read […]

Linda Greenhouse on the Commerce Clause and the Health Care ruling

The best thing I’ve read yet on the case is by Linda Greenhouse.  She was reporting on the Supreme Court when cases that are the basis of the Virginia ruling against the health care bill were decided, and has a nice meditation on Rehnquist that is dead on– my experience in habeas and death […]

Author Robert Goddard, source of “pure ditto-head psychosis” (Kirkus Reviews), to talk health care constitutionality on Gallo in the morning

So the afternoon email message about what’s up on SuperTalk Mississippi arrives, and I learn that Gallo will be talking health care tomorrow:

7:30-Robert Goddard, Mississippi Author-He’s InDaHouse.  If health care laws within ObamaCare were judged by Constitutional standards, nothing we’ve seen in any of the proposed Bills would survive the Courts.

Robert Goddard? […]