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Gone Gurley

With apologies to Cari Gervin, here is one from my friend Dwight New, Auburn fan/graphic artist.

Nate Silver is starting to like Ole Miss’s chances.

This may be an odd pill for you Red State folks to swallow, but Nate Silver is starting to like Ole Miss’s chances of making the college football championship series.

You heard that right. Apparently, if you use “being in the top four at the end” as a stand in for “making the championship […]

Exclusive Nick Saban Half Time Locker Room Photo

thanks to Sarah Simonson for executing the idea.

Tonight, it was wonderful to see both vandalism and obstructionism go down to ignominious defeat.

The Cardinals have been owed a weird umpire call at least since game 6 of the 1985 World Series, right?  (And, sorry Red Sox fans, the way the third baseman kicked up his legs was obstruction. See below).

Here’s the rule and comment:

OBSTRUCTION is the act of a fielder who, while not in […]

Thanksgiving Football in the Manning’s front yard in New Orleans

The New York Times dips into memories of Thanksgiving football in the Manning’s front yard in New Orleans.

Eli Manning can relate. Growing up in New Orleans, his family home in the Garden District had a concrete walkway splicing the front yard from the edge of the lawn up to the front door. Cooper […]

Five by Five

Questions for Anderson and “his bulldogs:”

Which was more fun, the record five LSU field goals or the five LSU interception?

Could too much indulging in schadenfreud create karmic effects?