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Where is (or was) Confederate Drive at the University of Mississippi?

There’s been some question about where, exactly, the road called Confederate Drive might have been. My memory was that it ran from the old dorms by the cafeteria to the Confederate cemetery, and then, when the Tad Pad was plopped down in that path, it ended there. Turns out, that’s close, but, at least […]

Sons of Confederates sue the University of Mississippi

An entity calling itself the “Mississippi Division Sons of Confederate Veterans” has filed suit against the University of Mississippi, alleging a right to enjoin the University from changing things related to the Civil War on campus.  It is hard to say who the plaintiff might be.  There is an incorporated organization called the “Mississippi […]

Grant muses on the Confederate leaders he faced in Chattanooga

Before going back to the Vicksburg campaign (it was a siege at this point 150 years ago, and the pace slows down, although there are moments of great drama) I want to quote another bit of Grant’s Memoirs, this from the close of his successful campaign through Chattanooga, which more-or-less followed Vicksburg, and was Grant’s […]

Grant’s wish for how the Civil War would be remembered has taken longer than he’d hoped….

After noting that the Mexican War battles of Chapultepec and Molino del Rey were celebrated in Mexico as if they were great victories, which they were not, Grant writes;

With us, now twenty years after the close of the most stupendous war ever known, we have writers– who profess devotion to the nation– engaged […]

Grant’s Memoirs, the Vicksburg Campaign May 23rd-25th:

The May 22nd assault having failed, Grant acknowledges he’s in for a siege– clearly in opposition to his temperament– and sums up his campaign to date:

I NOW determined upon a regular siege—to “out-camp the enemy,” as it were, and to incur no more losses. The experience of the 22d convinced officers and men that […]

Grant’s Memoirs, the Vicksburg Campaign May 15th and 16th: Champion’s Hill

The remainder of Chapter XXXV of Grant’s Memoirs covers the Battle of Champion’s Hill.

The night of the 15th Hovey was at Bolton; Carr and Osterhaus were about three miles south, but abreast, facing west; Smith was north of Raymond with Blair in his rear. 

McPherson’s command, with Logan in front, had marched at […]

Grant’s Memoirs, the Vicksburg Campaign May 13th and 14th

I’m going to put Grant’s account of the Vicksburg campaign online day by day at least through July 4th.  On May 13th and 14th of 1863, Grant was in the process of passing through Jackson and turning to invest Vicksburg, having almost completed pulling off the manuever of crossing the river at Bruinsburg and […]

150 years ago this month: Grant encircles Vicksburg

150 years ago this week, Grant successfully encircled Vicksburg and placed it under siege, after which it was only a matter of time before Vicksburg fell.

This was the first historical narrative I really grasped, and, as a teenager, began to understand what Grant accomplished in that campaign.

My family was from within a mile or […]

Politico story about Governor Barbour’s statement about the civil war

There’s an article on Politico by Robert McElvaine, history professor at Millsaps, remarks from Governor Barbour about the Civil War.  The key quote:

But he has now made a forthright declaration about the events swirling around what some Southerners still call the War of Northern Aggression. “Slavery was the primary, central, cause of secession,” […]

Mississippi may commemorate war criminal on state license plate

As y’all may have heard, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are seeking a state license plate commemorating Nathan Bedford Forrest. The image above (from BaloonJuice via Ta-Nehisi Coates, who headlines his post with the obvious Faulkner paraphrase) pretty much highlights the problem, but then there’s the whole Klan founding war criminal thing:

Nathan […]