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A Christmas Poem about King John

King John’s Christmas

by A.A. Milne from Now We are Six.

King John was not a good man –
He had his little ways.
And sometimes no one spoke to him
For days and days and days.
And men who came across him,
When walking in the town,
Gave him a supercilious stare,
Or passed with noses in the air –
And bad King John stood dumbly there,
Blushing beneath his crown.

King John was not a good man,
And no good friends had he.
He stayed in every afternoon…
But no one came to tea.
And, round about December,
The cards upon his shelf
Which wished him lots of Christmas cheer,
And fortune in the coming year,
Were never from his near and dear,
But only from himself.

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Party for Santa Claus

thanks to Lord Nelson.

Yes, Anderson. Lord Nelson.  This one was from Tobago (I wrote Trinidad before I got the link).

A Holiday Suggestion from the French 75 Bar at Arnauds

I made this recipe with Makers and Coirvoisier (didn’t have the Hennessy the recipe specifies and discovered it needed more like 10 oz of each than 8.  It makes a massive amount– like well over a gallon, and one would think serves well over the 8 specified, although I found it went really fast.


A Vintage Christmas Card from Ole Miss

Sometime in the Johnson administration, the FDA authorized a project at Ole Miss (that continues to this day) growing legal marijuana. When I was in the ninth grade, students were all taken for lectures and to be shown the plants as part of an anti-drug program (I have to this day been unable to […]

Merry Christmas, Folks, and it’s snowing in Oxford

That’s out my front door, about 8:30 this morning.  While the snow is mostly melted now (mid-Afternoon), it’s still lightly coming down.

When I woke my kids to tell them it was a white Christmas, they basically said “Right, dad.”  I was pulling their legs.

Mid-afternoon, I’ve got two kinds of cranberries made […]

Some Christmas Music, part twelve

By request, the Kinks threaten “Father Christmas”

“Give all the toys to the little rich boys.”

Some Christmas Music, part eleven

No, its not the Three Stooges, its The Cats and the Fiddle on a “Hep Cat’s Holiday”

That should be enough for this year.

Merry Christmas, folks!

Some Christmas Music, part ten

James Brown pleads:  “Please Come Home For Christmas”

Some Christmas Music, part nine

Bill Monroe– finally with some actual video– says “Christmas Times A’Coming”

Christmas Music, part eight

Leadbelly “On a Christmas Day”