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Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Paul Quin writes up the chicken-dog case for the Clarion Ledger, quoting the defendant/chicken owner:  “I felt like I was in the right, so I didn’t need to hire a lawyer.”  We’ve had something to say about this story.

It’s a small world department:  Two stories that I’ve blogged, that of pathologist Dr. Hayne […]

Daily Journal reports that Nunnellee is closing in on a decision to run against Childers…

… but then says that sitting legislators have a poor history of success in Mississippi congressional races.  I’m mildly dubious that his status as a legislator is really a problem.  He does have a bad case of taking-forever-to-decide about running in the past, but seems headed that way now.  He’s doing a “listening tour” […]

Sweet Potatoes in the news

Congressman Gene Taylor Travis Childers (whose district does not include the sweet potato capital of the world) is seeking $400,000 in federal funds for research to turn sweet potatoes into a biofuel.

I know there’s a relevant sweet potato joke lurking in there somewhere but I’m just not seeing it right now.

Update: The […]

Distant rumblings of the state Democratic Party meltdown

Note:  I would love comments about this mess, particularly from those with first hand knowledge.

I’ve been hearing that the state Democratic Party executive committee is melting down over process issues (how meetings were conducted, how decisions are made), possible regional issues (central Mississippi vs. North East Mississippi), and racial issues (specifically the […]

Monday morning various and open thread

It turns out that the Ole Miss bag that Chancellor Khayat gave the president (Lotus posted a picture of the bag in use and I posted the hand-off)  was made by a Dallas-based company called Barrington Group Ltd., which makes high-end corporate gifts. “‘Oh man, it’s unbelievable,’ says David Gowdey, co-founder of Barrington, […]