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The Browns are now producing buttermilk (and a buttermilk dressing recipe)

Brown Family Dairy Farm has now unveiled buttermilk (it may not be brand spanking new, but this is the first I have encountered it).  The Farmers Market on old Highway 7 had half-gallon containers today, and I got one.

My experience is that the few times I have had real farm buttermilk, it was […]

Taylor Grocery made ice cream from Brown Family milk for Doubledecker

Taylor Grocery Catering had an ice cream machine set up on the Square for Doubledecker.  They were using Brown Family Dairy Farm milk and freezers set up with an antique Ford farm motor.

The motor is a working antique (I think I’ve seen it at the Farmer’s Market grinding cornmeal) and makes a […]

Brown’s Family Farm Does Chicken!

I went out to the Brown’s farm sometime in the summer, and was interested to note a number of developments:  There were hogs out there, whose pens were down at the back of the field, and there were chickens pecking around.

I asked about the plans, and Billy Ray was suitably vague– he was […]

B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery in Water Valley

At the recommendation of Ace and Angela Atkins, Cynthia Gerlach of the Bottletree, and others, we checked out the B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery on 301 North Main in Water Valley today.  We were specifically going for beef from Brown’s farm, where they’re raising some hogs and beef cattle in addition to running the […]