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The New York Times writes about the coming of legal beer to New Albany

Campbell Robertson writes:

There was a vote here last month. It was hard-fought, with dueling newspaper advertisements and yard signs, tableside debates in restaurants, a prayer rally and a fusillade of last-minute phone calls.

But only one side could win, and the victory was a historic one: in a couple of months, a person […]

Monday morning open thread

The Clarion Ledger has a story about the effort to raise the legal limit on alcohol content for beer.  It does not sound like things have changed since I last noted it, although coverage in the Clarion Ledger will certainly raise its visibility.

Is Mississippi considering allowing beer with higher alcohol content?

This article on the Epicurious blog suggests so, and that it’s part of a trend:

Alabama raised the maximum amount in beer from 6 percent to 13.9 percent this year; West Virginia from 6 percent to 12 percent.

Last year, Vermont said it was OK for brewers to create beer with 16 percent alcohol […]