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Kingfish reports: the Governor folds, withdraws executive order, and BCBS, victorious, drops suit.

Jackson Jambalaya reports that the Governor has issued a new executive order canceling the order requiring BCBS to reinstate the hospitals.  He reports that BCBS announces it is “pleased.”

And now we’ll never know how the action before Judge Wingate would turn out.

An element for a TRO is proving likely success. Judge “is not holding that the executive order was legally flawed.” Discuss.

This appeared about 5 on the district court docket.  I have added emphasis in the key passage..

Minute Entry for proceedings held before District Judge Henry T. Wingate. APPEARANCES: D. Kaufman and C. Green, counsel for plaintiff; H. Pizzetta (via telephone) and J. Wilson, counsel for defendant; J. Corlew, counsel for intervenor. Evidentiary Hearing […]

More thoughts on the federal court BCBS case

BCBS has two arguments that seem real to me:  The governor is violating their property rights by telling them they can’t invoke contract rights (to terminate), which is a due process violation; and that the governor is violating their rights to procedural due process by ignoring the whole procedural framework the statute has.

The […]