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The Texas Playboys bring sandlot baseball to Oxford this Saturday. And, I suspect, a party.

It’s hard to fully call it sandlot– it’s going to be in Swayze Field, against an Oxford team, the Mississippi Flood, formed for the occasion.

Garden and Gun Magazine describes how an Austin resident formed the team to take back to Alabama, where he’d encountered old school sandlot baseball while working as an […]

For the Cardinals fans out there

From Red Smith, writing in 1934:

Shadows were stretching across the field when Cincinnati came to bat in the ninth inning. The National league season was within minutes of its end.  The scoreboard long since had registered the final tallies for all the other games. Only the tied battle in New York and the […]

NY Times on KMOX and how the Mississippi River Valley filled up with Cardinals fans

The NY Times has a wonderful story to illustrate how a lot of folks in the Mississippi River Valley became Cardinals fans:  The reporter takes off from St. Louis just before the start of a World Series game there, to see if he can outdrive the stations signal before the game ends.  By game […]

If you are watching baseball and surfing…

Check out the New York Times liveblogging of the game.  And here’s Yogi Berra’s reaction to last night’s game:  “One of the most exciting, screwiest games I’ve seen. Yeah, it ain’t over it til it’s over but that one should’ve been over a while ago.”


Watching in the 5th.  Bases loaded and Molina […]

Roger Angell’s scorecard for Game 6 of the World Series

Roger Angell has written great pieces about baseball in the New Yorker for decades.  Here’s his account of Game 6 last night, and here’s something I’ve never seen:  A Roger Angell scorecard, from Game 6. Click to see it enlarged.

I’ve decided to avoid thinking about football today

… and instead contemplate the infamous no hitter Doc Ellis pitched while tripping on LSD in 1970.  Here’s an animated short with him telling the story in his own words.

h/t Bill Gregg

Eric Bruntlett of the Phillies ends a game on an unassisted triple play!

Last night, for the second time in the history of major league baseball– the last game ending triple play was in 1927– an unassisted triple play by utility infielder Eric Bruntlett at second base ended a game between the Phillies and Mets.  There have only been 14 unassisted triple plays at any point in […]