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Wednesday Open Thread, and Oxford Links

http://www.vimeo.com/18649053 The top video is by Scott Burton photography. John T. Edge writes about the origins of the Microplane as a kitchen tool in his United Tastes column today.  I have four of these gadgets– the original (without a handle, and that most looks like their origin as a woodworking tool), a lemon zester, […]

New Barry Hannah Selected Stories at Square Books

Long, Last, Happy: New and Selected Stories by Barry Hannah is just out and available at Square Books in Oxford.  It has nine of the eleven stories in Airships, an early story, “Trek,” from 1964, and not been previously collected, four new stories from the last ten years, and seventeen more stories selected from Barry’s various […]

More about Barry

William Grimes obit for Barry Hannah in the New York Times is well worth reading.  Check it out.

Sid Salter on Barry Hannah

At 5:00 (in about 10 minutes), Sid Salter is going to have Curtis Wilkie and some other guy from Oxford on the phone talking about Barry Hannah on Mississippi Supertalk Radio.

I am very sad to report the death of Barry Hannah

The Eagle has reported this.  The Oxford Conference of the Book this weekend centers around his work.

Barry Hannah to hold fiction writing workshop at Square Books in memory of Jim Higgins

I’ll just quote Barry’s flyer (first noting that Barry was the only person Jim allowed to call him Jimmy).  This is a real opportunity.



BEGINNING JUNE 11th, 2009 3:30 – 6:00 PM


Mr. Higgins recently passed after a heroic thirteen […]