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Payne’s Barbecue in Memphis: Why you want sliced and not chopped.

I’ve posted, probably more than once, about my strongly held opinion that, at Payne’s barbecue, what you want is sliced meat and not chopped.

I’ve been eating at Payne’s since the 70s, and it has hugely influenced my reaction to barbecue.  They don’t meat every test for purists (it’s an urban barbecue place, […]

The Hogs Have Arrived


There will be hogs: Here’s the 2-hog barbecue pit under construction at John Currence’s Lamar Lounge


John Currence is having a pit built behind the Lamar Lounge that looks to me about able to hold two whole hogs.   There’s already a hardwood woodpile nearby.  The pits and structure are very reminiscent of those at Ricky Parker’s Scotts Barbecue in Lexington, Tennessee.  Parker was the master […]

Barbecue master Ricky Parker has died at 51

Ricky Parker, barbecue pitmaster who was the best of the Lexington, Tennessee style of whole hog cookery and one of the finest of any style of ‘q, has died at 51, according to the Southern Foodways blog.

Joe York made a wonderful film about Middle Tennessee barbecue called Whole Hog; it featured Ricky and […]

John T. Edge and Jess on the hunt for West Tennessee barbecue

Blair Hobbs links on Facebook to a story by her husband John T. Edge; he and their son Jess took a road trip through barbecue places from Millington to Humbolt, Tennessee, all just north of I-40.  They found some great places and had a great trip, all recounted in a fine Garden and […]

I find it pretty depressing…

… that in a list of best barbecue sandwiches in the South in Garden and Gun Magazine, Mississippi is represented by a place that puts two slices of American cheese on a shoulder sandwich.

Of course, the folks who put American cheese on their barbecue sandwich are in Starkville, at Petty’s Barbecue.  Go figure.


RIP Deke Baskin

Photo by Amy Evans Streeter for the Southern Foodways Alliance.

I’ve just heard from Melanie Addington that longtime Oxford barbecue man Deke Baskin has died.  He was only 59; he’d seemed much older, partly due to emphysema and other related illnesses.

Here’s part of my introduction to Deke when we did a Brown Bag […]

BBQ for Neshoba

I got Boston buts from Stan’s, who is getting their pork from Brown Family Farm, rubbed it with some spices (paprika, kosher salt, demara sugar, dry mustard, ground cumin, ground chili arbol) and then cooked it about 24 inches over hickory coals in an enclosed pit for about fourteen hours.

Things started slowly– […]

Mourning the loss of small town local barbecue places

Okra, a website that’s produced by the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, has a couple of elegies for local barbecue places up.  One (sent to me by Amy Evans Streeter at Southern Foodways) is about Shadden’s Barbecue, which was in Marvell, Arkansas.  The piece describes the place and some of its history and […]

Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread

I would really like a reaction from a barbecue maven in the Carolinas to this blurb from the NY Times food blog:  “North Carolina barbecue (smoked over local almond wood) now comes with go-go boys at Rebel in the Castro,” accompanied by this link to San Francisco area barbecue.  Almond wood?  To the […]