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More magic from Dr. Hayne! (or, the geniuses at the AG’s office don’t know 9 is before 10 and 12)

Radley Balko and the Innocent Project have another Dr. Hayne case to chew upon.

One aspect of Dr. Hayne’s testimony that was particularly vile is that, when cross-examined, he’d simply make stuff up.  A lawyer can’t be well prepared enough to cross-examine a witness who can just fabricate authority and answers on the fly.  He […]

The Attorney General and the Securities Firm and the ghost of Dickie Scruggs

A long time ago and in another blog, a comment by NoMiss said:

I don’t know if this is the NYC law firm mentioned above, but I noted on the IRS report that NYC firm Bernstein Litowitz Beger & Grossman LLP contributed $25,000 on 9-14-07 and contributed $50,000 on 10/22/2007. Their aggregate contribution year-to-date […]