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Various Reactions to James Franco’s Adaptation of As I Lay Dying


Darl is clearly a poet and seer of sorts in the book; his monologues are full of rich language, and it becomes clear that he is picking up upon and understanding events that no other character understands.  That’s his role in the book, and, in the end, when he burns down the barn […]

As I Lay Dying at the Lyric Monday night: “Sometimes I think it aint none of us pure crazy and aint none us pure sane…”

Tomorrow night, the James Franco movie of As I lay Dying will be showing at the Lyric Theater at 8, as a benefit for the Oxford Film Festival.  I plan to be there.

Sometimes I aint so sho who’s got ere right to say when a man is crazy and when he aint. Sometimes I […]

Since he lies dying, this’ll kill him.

Alternate title:  Gee, they didn’t do one of these when Yul Brynner starred in The Sound and the Fury.

(Yes, I know the dying character is a she)

Trailer to James Franco’s movie of As I Lay Dying



The casting call for As I Lay Dying: Who are these people?

I’ve been ignoring the news that Canton was going to stand in for Jefferson in the film version of As I Lay Dying, having already stood-in for John Grisham’s county seat in A Time to Kill, but Anderson insists that attention must be paid.

My question, though, isn’t about location selection.  It’s about this […]