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Meanwhile, from the Greenwood murder-for-hire case: High school memories of Dr. Arnold Smith

Dr. Arnold Smith, still in jail in Leflore County on charges of hiring a hit on Lee Abraham, grew up in Knoxville, where he “was one of the smartest kids in West High School’s Class of 1960.”  Betty Bean, a columnist for the Shopper News in Knoxville, checked in with some high school class-mates […]

Dr. Arnold Smith, Historic Preservationist (more from the Greenwood murder-for-hire case)

Dr. Arnold Smith, already known for dabbling in Delta politics, a personal approach to oncology, exceedingly peculiar insurance claims, collecting used bricks, and for being charged in an outlandish scheme to hire a hit on Greenwood attorney Lee Abraham, has written a letter to the editor of the Greenwood Commonwealth.  In what the paper […]

Dr. Smith under investigation for prescription issues (and more!)

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports that the FDA and the state medical licensure board have searched Dr. Smith’s clinic and seized prescription drugs (largely related to cancer treatment) and other evidence.

Other drugs and vitamins are connected to Smith’s anti-aging and immune system strengthening treatments. Those include four vials of recombinant human growth hormone. Although […]

Some notes on the possible defenses suggested at Dr. Smith’s preliminary hearing

A couple of legal issues were raised in the preliminary hearing for Dr. Smith that bear a little examination.  Smith’s lawyer argued that, first, the murder couldn’t be be felony murder because the alleged hit-man was killed in self-defense, and, second, couldn’t be felony murder because there was no underlying felony– the purported underlying […]

“You’ve got a cellphone. Take a picture with a hole between his eyes.” Sounds like probable cause to me.

It seems that Dr. Smith made a secret video (12 minutes long!) of his meeting with a potential hit man.

The Greenwood Commonwealth story about the preliminary hearing starts off:

Dr. Arnold Smith wanted proof that Lee Abraham was dead from the man whom he allegedly hired to try to kill the Greenwood attorney.

“You’ve […]

Some details about Dr. Smith’s alleged prior effort to hire a hit man emerge

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports

An arrest affidavit states [Dr. Albert] Smith and Cordarious Robinson conspired from about Nov. 1, 2011, to April 27, 2012, to commit murder by agreeing “to search for, solicit and hire person or persons to kill Lee Abraham.”

The record — filed in Leflore County Circuit Court this week —  provides […]

Surviving assassin does a shout-out on Facebook? More from alleged Greenwood hit…

Here’s a weird lede from todays Greenwood Commonwealth:

The surviving alleged assassin in the shootout at Greenwood attorney Lee Abraham’s office offered a “shout out” on Facebook after being released on house arrest Wednesday.

I’m not sure how this works.  One alleged co-felon is being held without bond on  capital murder charge, for another […]

The Greenwood Commonwealth asks about Dr. Arnold Smith: “Medical Genius or Deranged Killer?”

There’s a long account of Dr. Smith’s adventures in Greenwood leading up to the arrest last weekend in this morning’s Greenwood Commonwealth titled, “Medical Genius or Deranged Killer?”

It starts by describing his medical career, noting that, in 2009, the Mississippi legislature passed a resolution that honored Smith’s “charitable and compassionate medical service to his […]

Dr. Smith, not admitting why he’s not going to work, to the JP: “So, you’re going to destroy my medical practice because I can’t be there?”

He followed with, “Is that right?”

That’s what the Greenwood Commonwealth reported Dr. Smith saying in a bond hearing and arraignment today.   The justice court judge replied he had nothing to do with it, and Smith kept arguing, saying that his attorney should be there, until “a deputy snatched the handcuffed physician.”

There […]

Law enforcement affidavit released with account of the Greenwood murder for hire plot

The affidavit that was the basis for the search warrant of Dr. Smith’s home and office is now available, and has some interesting details about what happened that night and of a statement by the intruder into Abraham’s office who survived the incident.

Lee Abraham got a telephone call from someone who offered to […]