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Inquiring minds: When the Supreme Court 4-4 affirms, do they affirm the COA or the trial court?

This quetion arose indirectly because a regular reader was thinking about the topic and a recent Supreme Court case.

Answer, at least in Mississippi:  The court of appeal:

¶ 8. Valley Bank argues that when this Court is evenly divided, the order of the trial court must be affirmed, despite the Court of Appeals having […]

I read this one, and wondered if the Fifth Circuit waiver rules were a two-way circuit…

So the Daily Journal reports that US Attorney’s office is appealing a sentence because of a math error– apparently the judge was given the impression she was giving the maximum, and (says this newspaper report) she wasn’t.

I’m not minimizing the seriousness of the crime– a deputy sheriff using fake traffic stops to shake […]

Discussion thread for Court of Appeals Decisions– May 5, 2009 list

Today’s Court of Appeals decisions are up, and I’m going to try opening a discussion thread for people to post what they see. The decision list is here; I’ve not yet figured out how to directly link to the decisions for one day only (there’s a way to do it and I’m blanking on […]