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Marshall Ramsey on Greenwood politics

Readers may not be aware, but the other day the acting police chief in Greenwood announced his retirement to the city council, and, at the same time, stated his view that the mayor was “the antichrist.”  And Beelzebub, a deceiver and the “seven heads and ten horns on Satan, the Devil himself.”  (I think […]

CNN has a strange story about pardonees buying a car with Gov. and Mrs. Barbour’s help

The title sums up the story but doesn’t really capture its essential weirdness.  We learn:

Sometime a few weeks before the pardon grants, the head of security at the Governor’s mansion took mansion trustys David Gatlin and Charles Hooker to get drivers licenses.  Questioned by CNN, he explained:  “I thought that if I went […]

Pardonee David Gatlin has gone to Alabama to live with the AntiChrist

“It’s not safe. David is a cold-blooded murderer and he’s living with a self-proclaimed antichrist. That’s dangerous,” said Tammy Gatlin’s sister, Tiffany Ellis-Brewer.

The WLBT headline (to the story with the quote by family member of a murder victim, above) is hilarious:

Pardoned Trustee Living With “AntiChrist” in Alabama

This is a strange one.  A […]