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Open Thread (Stanford update, and more)

While I’ve been busy, there has been some news, much of it on issues I’ve been following:

At his sentencing hearing, the Houston Chronicle reports that Allen Stanford almost edged up to an apology at his sentencing hearing, and then took it back.  “He had tears in his eyes and said, ‘I’m so sorry,’” […]

Allen Stanford, guilty on 13 of 14 counts

The only acquittal count was wire fraud.

Wednesday Morning Various

Allen Stanford got an appointed public defender as counsel yesterday, replacing Dick DeGeurin, who had yet to be paid.

Tupelo approved Sunday sales of beer and light wine sales in restaurants and stores (no real wine or liquor).

Pete Wells (the editor of the Dining Section of the NY Times, keeping the restaurant critic […]

Interesting bits from that Stanford Indictment

., […]

‘If you’ve got a warrant, take me into custody. If you don’t, I’m going to Houston.’

Allen Stanford said this to several FBI agents outside his girlfriend’s house in Virginia.

David Finn, an attorney for Davis, said his client will continue cooperating.

They had a warrant.  So they arrested him.  The Houston Chronicle reports:

Lawyers close to the case expect a superseding indictment adding people to the case filed against […]

“I think the government failed in their oversight” – Allen Stanford

I think the government failed in their oversight and I’m the maverick rich Texan where they can put the moose head on the wall. And that’s the only reason they went after me,” Stanford said. “I’m fighting for my survival and for my integrity.

-Allen Sanford, in an interview with ABC news, outside a […]