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The whole Admiral Ackbar thing makes the New York Times

Well, at least a blog.  And it includes a quote from Lucasfilms on the subject.

For a character who makes only a passing appearance in the original “Star Wars” trilogy, things are going swimmingly for Admiral Ackbar, a bit player from “Return of the Jedi.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the students of the […]

Ole Miss mascot vote today

The students at Ole Miss are voting today about whether Ole Miss should have a mascot.  The question is over a new one, and I’ve heard three basic student positions– one group saying “a no vote supports Colonel Rebel,” one group earnestly advocating voting yes and moving forward , and one group saying “Lets have a squid-like character who led the rebels against the empire in Star Wars.”  There’s a debate about whether the last suggestion is a trap.

The squid reminds me of a campaign in the mid-70s to vote Tilda the Turkey for homecoming queen.  The legend was that the earnest Greek students counting the votes counted write-ins for Tilda, the Turkey, and Tilda the Turkey as for three different candidates to avoid a win for poultry.  I personally wrote in Tilda the Turkey and felt robbed.

In any event, WMC-TV 5 says they’ll be live down here for the vote, and there’s a longish AP story running– here is what ran in the Times Picayune.

Colonel Reb shall not rise again. That much is certain.

The University of Mississippi dumped the mascot — a caricature of a white plantation owner — in a 2003 effort to distance the school from Old South stereotypes. It’s been without a mascot ever since. A vote Tuesday could change that.

Students will have only two choices in the online referendum: yes, replace the colonel with something else — perhaps a riverboat gambler or a Colonial soldier — or no, remain the only school in the Southeastern Conference without a mascot.

In a world where football is akin to religion, and sports symbolism carries the power of a totem, this is no small matter. Stories about the vote have run prominently in the campus newspaper for weeks, along with “Save Colonel Reb” advertisements.

“We’re tired of having nothing to represent us,” said junior Josh Hinton, a member of the Associated Student Body, which approved a resolution calling for the vote. “We’ve gotten our song taken away. We want to have some kind of tradition back.”

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A Calimari for Ole Miss Mascot? Admiral Ackbar Announces His Availability For Ole Miss…

…with the promise that he “I will lead the Ole Miss Rebels just as well as I led the Rebel Alliance.”  More about Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars VI, here.

The announcement was in the OleMissAckbar Twitter feed.

h/t RedCupRebellion on Twitter.

Updated: Some on the internet spread the alarm about the dangers […]