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Mississippi as a territory, and state.

Going through boxes in my mom’s attic, I found a long-lost box from my grandmother’s house.  Pictured above is one of them (click on the image to get a good look).

On the Fifteenth of December, 1817, Augustin Freeland and Elizabeth Magruder obtained a wedding license in Adams County, Mississippi– they lived in what is now Claiborne County, which did not yet exist.  The printed form read across the top, “MISSISSIPPI TERRITORY OF THE UNITED STATES”

The clerk has written below that, “The State of Mississippi,” because, on December 10th, Mississippi had achieved statehood.

The bottom of the form reads, A. Marshalk, Printer.  Andrew Marshalk learned printing in London and moved to Mississippi in the 1790s, and had a printing press there into the 19th Century.  He’s famously remembered through publicizing the story of Ab-dul Rahman Ibrahima Ibn Sori, who was known as the Prince of Slaves, and working on the effort to help him obtain freedom and free his children and return to Africa.

Augustin Freeland is my great great great grandfather.


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